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GMail Class Reference

#include <gmail.h>

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Detailed Description

Matthew Wlazlo

Definition at line 37 of file gmail.h.

Public Slots

void slotCheckGmail ()
void slotGetWalletPassword (const QString &)
void slotSetWalletPassword (bool)


void checkDone (const QString &data)
void checkStart ()
void loginDone (bool success, bool spawnedFromTimer, const QString &why=QString::null)
void loginStart ()

Public Member Functions

void checkLoginParams ()
void gotWalletPassword (QString str)
bool isChecking ()
bool isLoggedIn ()
void setInterval (unsigned int i)

Protected Slots

void slotCheckData (KIO::Job *, const QByteArray &)
void slotCheckResult (KIO::Job *)
void slotLoginData (KIO::Job *, const QByteArray &)
void slotLoginResult (KIO::Job *)
void slotPostLoginData (KIO::Job *, const QByteArray &)
void slotPostLoginResult (KIO::Job *)
void slotTimeout ()

Protected Member Functions

void checkGMail ()
QString cookieString ()
void login ()
void parseCookies (const QString &str)
void postLogin ()

Private Attributes

bool mCheckFromTimer
QMutex * mCheckLock
QMap< QString, QString > * mCookieMap
unsigned int mInterval
bool mLoginFromTimer
QMutex * mLoginLock
bool mLoginParamsChanged
unsigned int mLoginToken
QString mPageBuffer
QString mPasswordHash
QTimer * mTimer
QString mUsername

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