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GMail Class Reference

#include <gmail.h>

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Detailed Description

Matthew Wlazlo

Definition at line 37 of file gmail.h.

Public Slots

void slotCheckGmail ()
void slotGetWalletPassword (const QString &)
void slotLogOut ()
void slotSetWalletPassword (bool)


void checkDone (const QString &data)
void checkStart ()
void loginDone (bool success, bool spawnedFromTimer, const QString &why=QString::null)
void loginStart ()
void sessionChanged ()

Public Member Functions

void checkLoginParams ()
QString getURLPart ()
QString getURLPart (bool refresh)
void gotWalletPassword (QString str)
bool isChecking ()
bool isLoggedIn ()
bool isLoggedIn (bool lockCheck)
void setInterval (unsigned int i, bool forceStart)
void setInterval (unsigned int i)

Protected Slots

void slotCheckData (KIO::Job *, const QByteArray &)
void slotCheckResult (KIO::Job *)
void slotLoginData (KIO::Job *, const QByteArray &)
void slotLoginResult (KIO::Job *)
void slotPostLoginData (KIO::Job *, const QByteArray &)
void slotPostLoginResult (KIO::Job *)
void slotTimeout ()

Protected Member Functions

void checkGMail ()
bool cookieExists (QString cookieName)
bool cookieExists (QString cookieName, QString url)
void dump2File (const QString filename, const QString data)
QString getRedirectURL (QString buffer)
void login ()
void logOut ()
void postLogin ()
void postLogin (QString url)

Private Slots

void slotSessionChanged ()

Private Member Functions

QString findCookies (QString url)

Private Attributes

QString gGAP4DCheckURL
QString gGAP4DLoginPOSTFormat
QString gGAP4DLoginURL
QString gGAP4DLogOut
QString gGMailCheckURL
QString gGMailLoginPOSTFormat
QString gGMailLoginURL
QString gGMailLogOut
bool isGAP4D
bool mCheckFromTimer
QMutex * mCheckLock
QString mCookiesCache
unsigned int mInterval
QString mLoginBuffer
bool mLoginFromTimer
QMutex * mLoginLock
bool mLoginParamsChanged
QString mPageBuffer
QString mPasswordHash
QString mPostLoginBuffer
QTimer * mTimer
QString mUsername
QString sessionCookie
QString useDomain
QString useUsername

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