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GMailParser Class Reference

#include <gmailparser.h>

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Detailed Description

Matthew Wlazlo

Definition at line 33 of file gmailparser.h.


void gNameUpdate (QString name)
void mailArrived (unsigned int count)
void mailCountChanged ()
void noUnreadMail ()
void versionMismatch ()

Public Member Functions

const QString getGaiaName () const
unsigned int getInvites () const
const QMap< QString, unsigned int > getLabels () const
const Thread & getLastThread () const
unsigned int getNewCount (bool realCount, QString box) const
unsigned int getNewCount (bool realCount) const
unsigned int getNewCount () const
const Quota & getQuota () const
const DefaultSearchSummary & getSummary () const
const Thread & getThread (int id) const
const Thread & getThread (const QString &msgId) const
QMap< QString, bool > * getThreadList () const
 GMailParser ()
void parse (const QString &data)
virtual ~GMailParser ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QString cleanUpData (QString data)
static QString convertEntities (QString data)
static QString stripTags (QString data)

Protected Member Functions

void freeThreadList ()
void parseDefaultSummary (const QString &)
void parseGName (const QString &)
void parseInvite (const QString &)
void parseLabel (const QString &)
void parseQuota (const QString &)
uint parseThread (const QString &, const QMap< QString, bool > *)
void parseVersion (const QString &)

Private Attributes

QMap< QString, QString > eLabels
QValueVector< QString > gGMailVersion
QString gName
unsigned int mCurMsgId
unsigned int mInvites
QMap< QString, unsigned int > mLabels
Quota mQuota
DefaultSearchSummary mSummary
QMap< QString, Thread * > mThreads
Version mVersion
QString previousLatestThread


struct  DefaultSearchSummary
struct  Quota
struct  Thread
struct  Version

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